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California School Racism

Racial Discrimination at a California School

How far will a school go in teaching social justice ideology to its students, in fostering anti-white sentiment among its faculty and in attempting to exclude white children from gaining admission? A lot further than you may have ever imagined.

We’re going to look at instances of racism at a northern California K-8 school that either began or were furthered through “Culturally Responsive Teaching” training sessions that the school paid an outside consultant to provide. According to federal law including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, racial bias against any students of any color is prohibited in federally funded institutions (which includes public and charter schools).

Documentation you’ll read in this section was gleaned from personal involvement with the school as well as from a public records request, much of which was included in a formal complaint filed with the Office for Civil Rights.

While it’s true that California (and its schools and other federally funded programs) tend to lean to the left, the problem of social justice rhetoric and racial bias exists in schools throughout America. The data we present here concerning racial discrimination at a California school reflects the approach many schools today are taking in attempting to engineer our children into a social justice mindset.

Here are the main sections you can browse:



Materials used and created during teacher training sessions at the school, which were overseen by an outside consultant paid with our tax dollars.


Glossaries of social justice terms and phrases used in the training and elsewhere. Much of this language encourages racism.


Articles used in the teacher-training efforts that were authored by educators and others who are leading the social justice movement in schools.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments sections of the pages and begin a dialogue that other right-thinking people can participate in. If you have experiences to share, you can always reach us by e-mail.

By learning and developing a greater understanding of this racial discrimination at a California school, it can open the eyes of parents everywhere and get them to look more closely at what their children are being taught in their schools. The biggest mistake we can make is to assume that schools in this modern era are teaching only the academic subjects necessary for students’ future success.

Be proactive and protect your children from inappropriate social justice indoctrination in their public schools!