Culturally Responsive Teaching Training Materials

Here are various materials used by the school in “Culturally Responsive Teaching” training sessions that were overseen by a hired “educational equity and community engagement consultant.”  Topics covered in the training included:

  • Teacher as facilitator
  • Reshaping the curriculum
  • Culturally mediated instruction
  • Student-centered instruction
  • Learning within the context of culture
  • Communications of high expectations
  • Positive perspectives on parents and families
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • The culture clash
  • “The Culture of School” article  Read article
  • “How Culture Shapes Learning” article  Read article
  • The dimensions of culture
  • “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” article  Read article
  • “The Impact of Culture on Education” article  Read article
  • “Race, Ethnicity, and Culture: Cultural Expectations And Student Learning” article  Read article
  • The power of having privilege
  • The glossary “Anti-Bias Education was included in the training materials.

View the “Culturally Responsive Teaching” training materials on PDF


1 thought on “Culturally Responsive Teaching Training Materials”

  1. Student-Centered Instruction & Teacher as Facilitator aren’t red flags. They are sound pedagogical principles if you want kids to develop critical thinking and depth of understanding. They aren’t necessary for memorizing math facts, for instance, but are best practices for learning problem solving by applying those skills to real world problems.

    Otherwise, this site is full of great resources for understanding the problems in the DEI movement. Thanks!

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